Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Seattle Wa
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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Seattle Wa

What a Thrill to be able to capture some beautiful images at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Seattle. This church is a designated national landmark, built in the 1800's and one of the very few catholic churches in the USA, built prior to 1900 that are still standing. This church is pre-1900 European architecture and it is simply amazing to go inside and see the hand painted ceilings, stained glass and hand carved wood and statues. You just don't see this is the united states any longer and there are very few of these churches that are active and still in use.

We captured a wedding in Wisconsin and the church was about 30 yrs older. There are only a handful left in the USA and older churches dating back to early 1800's and Late 1700's are only found in Quebec city in Canada. While there are many in Europe that are still standing and still i use, the north american continent has only a hand full left.

So, Seattle wedding photographers. If you get a chance to cover a wedding in this church.....DO IT. The facility is simply stunning. 

Location: 820 18th ave Seattle Washington 98122.