Perfection at Nisqually Reach Nature Center Lacey WA
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Perfection at Nisqually Reach Nature Center Lacey WA

Unique Moments Photography loves to go out and create compelling images with professional models. This young lady is a professional body builder, a fitness trainer, a wonderful mother, a photographer, and she competes in body building contests. What an Honor to hook up with Alicia Clifford on a wonderful Olympia Washington sunset to capture a perfect image at the Nisqually natures reach center. Alicia said "I have an idea" and we had two off camera lights in place. This image is straight off the camera with very little post production. It only has a Lightroom base preset applied. We Titled the image "Perfection" because all we had to do was set the lights. Alicia and mother nature did the rest. Great night for everyone involved and I made a wonderful new friend. Thanks Alicia Clifford for letting Unique moments Photography experience Perfection. Supplementing natural light with off camera flash lighting is a great way to tell our clients story.

Location: Nisqually Reach Nature Center Wa.