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Wedding Pictures in Gig Harbor WA

Unique Moments Photography of Gig Harbor Washington requests a minimum of 30 minutes alone time with the bride and groom for individual and couples portraits. Sometimes I start the Grooms Portraits sooner then planned as was the case here. This groom was very nervous. He was waiting for his bride to show up for the first look and he could not relax. I felt bad so I asked him to just sit and relax while we tested the lights. He was more than happy to just sit and take a breather for a few minutes. Our lights were set and ready to go before we even asked him to have a seat. So we managed to get a few of his portraits done while he thought we were testing a light. Then we showed him the photo and asked him to get back up so we could snap off a few more shots before the bride arrived. It took his mind off the first look, we got the portraits done before the bride arrived, and he was 100% more relaxed for the first look. The first look was perfect and we got some great images of the couple. Sometimes you just have to step back and relax. Weddings are a huge step in anyones life. Thats why we are there for the day. No pressure, no rush to get pictures done by a certain time. We just needed to get his mind off what was going to happen. Everything worked out great and their wedding images were awesome because they could relax and take their time getting them done. This is exactly why we do not book weddings by the hour.