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Album Design Services

Wedding Album Design Services

Unique Moments Photography's policy is to return all usable images to our clients that are captured from their wedding day. All the images are cropped, color corrected, sharpened and contrast enhanced to look their best. They are ready to print at a lab of your choice.

* This policy often results in High picture counts for our clients. If You have a large wedding planned, with a lot of activities and a big bridal party, you could easily get 1200-1500 images returned to you on your final drive.

The $ 350.00-550.00 Album design fee includes- 10 page, 20 side albums for the $350 design fee and 20 page 40 side album designs for the $550.00 design fee. Smaller albums hold about 50-55 images without looking crowded and larger albums can hold 100 images w/o looking crowded

1. Additional editing is always done- We want the unnecessary clutter removed from the images. Exit signs, pop bottles, people that might be seen in the backgrounds. They are removed from the images whenever possible. Remember, the albums are Heirlooms and they are  getting passed on to your children. It has to be right.

2. Additional contrasting and artistic effects are applied to make the images really pop. You can see the difference BT a proof file and an Album edited file so its worth consideration to get an album designed.

3. Files submitted to our labs must be full size files at 300PPI for printing. These are huge files. You get these files returned to you on your final drives.

4. Clients also get the designed album spreads returned to them which should be stored in a safe deposit box or secure location in case their albums are lost or destroyed. Now you can get your album reprinted easily.


5. If you do not like the original spread design, we can change page designs easily for you. No problem at all. It's your album, not ours. We want you to be completely satisfied.

Please Print your images.