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Album Design Services

Wedding Album Design Services

Unique Moments Photography's policy is to return all usable images to our clients captured from their wedding day. All the images are cropped, color corrected, sharpened and contrast enhanced to look their best. They are ready to print at a lab of your choice.

This policy often results in High picture counts for our clients. If You have a large wedding planned, with a lot of activities and a big bridal party, you could easily get 1200-1500 images returned to you on your final drive.

The $64.00 question is, what the heck are you going to do with 1500 pictures?

We have something for you to consider.

A wedding album is still the best way to highlight a wedding for family and friends to see and it is by far the best way to create a keepsake family Heirloom that can be passed to the next generation.

Most of the brides and grooms that we speak with think wedding albums are a good idea. The problem is that most photography companies try to sell wedding albums to their clients for ridiculously high prices. We have seen wedding album prices starting at $900.00 for most photographers and they can go as high as $3,000.00 for very nice high quality keepsake albums. This is a lot of money to add to your base photography considerations. $1,000.00-$3,000.00 makes a wedding album not affordable for many couples.


Unique Moments Photography purchased specialty album design software that allows us to design wedding albums in a fraction of the time that it used to take. We are now able to create wedding albums and make the service very affordable for our clients considerations.


The $ 350.00-550.00 Album design fee includes- 10 page, 20 side album design and up to 25 page 50 side custom albums. We need our clients to select 50-80 of their favorite images. We perform additional editing to the base files and put them into a custom design for you.

1. Additional editing is always done- We want the unnecessary clutter removed from the images. Exit signs, pop bottles, people that might be seen in the backgrounds. They are removed from the images whenever possible. Remember, this is getting passed on to your children. It has to be right.

2. Additional contrasting and artistic effects are applied to make the images really pop.

3. Files submitted to our labs must be full size files at 300PPI for printing. These are huge files. You get these files returned to you on your final drives.

4. Clients also get the designed album spreads returned to them which should be stored in a safe deposit box or secure location in case their albums are lost or destroyed. Now you can get your album reprinted easily. We store all wedding files for 5 yrs but, we want you to have these files. No one can predict what is going to happen in the future. The files offer you some peace of mind when considering a photographer for your wedding.

5. If you do not like the original spread design, we can change page designs easily for you. No problem at all. It's your album, not ours. We want you to be completely satisfied.

Most important for your Album considerations

1. We have access to many album companies. Numerous companies and products to consider for an album. You are not stuck with just one album to choose from.

Best thing about our Album Design Services

1. Clients get to purchase any album they want at our direct prices. No Mark Ups on the products. So you can go a less expensive option for an album or you can buy the best album on the market. This totally depends on what you want and what your needs are. We can provide clients a nice 16 page, 32 side album that starts at $145.00 or you can invest in the very best albums that run $500.00-$800.00. The choice is yours to make.

Final thoughts about wedding albums

Whatever you do, do not hire a photographer to take pictures at your wedding and leave the pictures on a thumb drive in your desk. That's a waste of money. We capture beautiful images for our clients. The images are meant to be displayed. PRINT your Images. Create a family Heirloom for your children. We can't emphasize this enough. Wedding albums solve the problem and creates a lifetime memory for your new family.

Tell your friends that have wedding images sitting in a desk drawer, we can design their albums for them as well. Many photographers do not offer wedding album design services. This is a great option for anyone to consider.

Please print your images.