About 6 months ago, I saw a post on social media by  Canadian Photographer/artist Nikki Harrison and the image struck a huge reaction in me. It was a portrait of a  beautiful woman who was Fifty something and heading towards the enjoyment  years of her life. Nikki  put her unique spin on the image to create a stunning portrait of the woman who was clearly at an age where most of us don’t like to be photographed. The woman captured looked classy, confident and beautiful. As portrait photographer’s , we see it  and hear it all the time. People always compare themselves to their youth and as a result, they don’t like to be photographed nor be reminded that they are not 20 something anymore. Especially Woman. It’s often said, that men have an unfair advantage as they age. They look great when they age  and there is far less pressure on men to look younger. The ladies however often tell a different story and they tend to and avoid the camera at all costs. We wanted to change this attitude because as a business owner, there is a huge potential market of clients that would benefit from this style of photography. It’s an Un-tapped market and we are actively marketing to people who are not 20 something anymore.

I immediately contacted Nikki and told her I was actively marketing to  ladies who were clearly not in the 20 something crowd. I was seeking clients who were actually 30, 40 , 50, 60  and older,  and I wanted to learn more about what she does and how she achieved her looks. The one catch I had was that I told her, that I think this could be applied towards Boudoir Photography as well as regular portrait photography needs. She agreed and In November 2018,  we were  off to Canada to learn some secrets to her fine art portrait photography programs so we could bring this style of photography to our clients.

When we returned home, we had some clients waiting to come to the studio who are clearly not in  the 2o something stages of life.  They were excited to see what we had in store with the fine art portions of their Boudoir sessions. We have to say we have been amazed at the response from our clients and  other photographers whom we network.  The comment ” wow I didnt know older ladies were into Boudoir ” from some of the younger female and  older male photographers kind of blew us away. But I can honestly say, that as a photographer, this has been one of the best experiences we have had with our clients. Happy tears of joy, seeing themselves looking sexy, appealing and confident were common. Conversations with our clients  about husbands reactions to the photos were even better. Everyone said that their  Husbands jaws hit the floor when they saw the little black books that we made up for them as presents. The reviews on our google review pages have been excellent. This is a win win for Everyone participating.

So we want to encourage ladies who are clearly not 20 something to give this a try. You dont have to be 20 something to look great in a Photograph. This fine art style of photography is ideal for ladies who want to celebrate a life well lived, who want to continue to grow and are confident in themselves and they are not afraid to let the world see them as they are. With proper lighting,  editing and posing, you will look awesome as you age and these portraits are stunning. Fine art Portraits and sexy personal boudoir photos are not strictly for the youth. There is no need to be afraid of the camera. The reactions from our clients, and more importantly, from their spouses, tell us that this is a service that we must offer at our studio. It’s time to turn the page because there are generations  of beautiful ladies who are well past the 30 something marker that have something to say, they are confident in who they are , and they still got it and they still look fantastic.

We would love to have you stop by or call us for a personal consultation for our fine art Portrait and Fine art Boudoir portrait programs for  woman.




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