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Boudoir Photography

What is is, what its about, and why we decided to open our new studio at 7116 Stinson ave suite A207 in Gig Harbor Washington. We also wanted to give a huge shout out thank you to our past brides and some models in the area who came to the studio to help us get this project up and running.

Pronounced bŏo dwăawr, the word comes from 18th century French language and is translated as a woman’s private bedroom or sitting room. It’s been around forever. The master painters from the earlier centuries all used Boudoir settings for some of the greatest art work and paintings that is displayed in museums around the world today. Since the beginning of artistic expression, the subject of women had been center stage for artists and photographers to capture and display. It is THE standard that all the greats compare themselves to. Capturing and posing the female body in flattering lighting, nude or in clothing, will always be a skill set that any artist must master.

What is Boudoir Photography all about?

If we had to choose words that describe what Boudoir is about then words like confidence, empowerment, sexy, cute, beautiful and privacy comes to mind. Its all this and more. We speak with all the ladies that are considering this form of photography and the first thing we ask is “who are these pictures going to be shown to” and “what do you want to accomplish with your session”?

We get a lot of varied answers. Obviously this style of photography is a great fit for our brides who are getting married. Many of the brides want to present our ” Little black books ” to their future husbands for wedding presents. Its the ultimate personalized gift in pictures that is given and their husbands LOVE the results. We recommend our little black books ( 8×8 albums ) for two reasons. First, they are small, they display 14-18 pictures very well and they can be personalized with a written note for the person who will receive the gift. Second, and most important for our bides to consider, They will eventually have children and these little black books can easily be tucked away in a nightstand so that their children don’t get their hands on them. Remember its a gift for your husbands and not the kiddies.

Some ladies want to do Boudoir photography for themselves.

This is the ultimate confidence booster and we think  its is a great reason to do it. Boudoir photography works for all body types. The trick is to use flattering posing, flattering lighting and nice settings to capture the pictures. Remember, the master painters in the 15th centuries ? They did not have fancy photography lighting sets to work with, Lingerie outfits from Victorias secret to consider, and they did not have hair and make up artists. They often placed the subjects in front of a window, stripped them down to what mother nature provided, had the ladies stay in a posed positions for hours, and return day after day until they completed the painting. That was a lot of work and a lot of talent.

At our studio in Gig harbor, we use professional photography lighting and flattering posing to best show off everyones best body shapes. We also use Natural light in our natural light room with mother natures light and custom backgrounds to create wonderful natural light boudoir photography looks. This natural light look, often referred to as the Sue Bryce look , is a very popular lighting style for many photographers these days. It looks fantastic. But it is not the only way to create awesome looks for boudoir photography needs. In the end, weather its natural light or studio style lighting, the key thing to remember is that great Light and great proper posing skills creates awesome results for any lady that wants to do boudoir photography. We think its best to find studios that offer both styles so you can choose which you would like to be captured in or captured in a combination of both styles.

Professional Photographers with great lighting skills and great eyes for posing are going to get women the best results for their boudoir sessions. The hollywood style of lighting from the 1940’s and 1950’s which is the standard for todays modern Boudoir Photography cant be replicated with natural light. And, some of the beautiful natural lighting looks that is being created today cant be created with studio style lighting. Photographers that understand both skill sets will get you the best results.

We have several makeup artists from the gig harbor area that come to our studio  to apply makeup and style the hair for a very sexy boudoir look. We also have one of our favorite salons in Gig Harbor, Studio Six the salon and spa, that is providing special discounted rates to our clients for hair and makeup needs. All of our make up artists know what they are doing and know how to apply makeup to get you the best look possible.


So why did we decide to open the studio and do boudoir photography?

Well there are several reasons.

First or foremost, we get asked by most of our brides if we do this style of photography. There was a need to do this because we did not want to refer our clients to other photographers to do this service when we have the skill sets to do a great job for them. We also had a difficult time locating affordable commercial retail space in the Gig Harbor area. Rent rates for photography studio needs in the gig harbor area were well over $1800.00 per month. This meant, that we would have to raise our rates substantially higher than they are now so we could provide services to our families. And as a result, that would go against our photography business model which is to provide high quality photography for families that looked like our family. We raised 6 children. We know how hard it is for families to raise children and provide everything that is expected. Photography is a luxury for most families and we wanted services to remain affordable.

We got very lucky and found a awesome landlord that understood the need for the Gig Harbor area to have a professional commercial photography studio for the residents of the community to use. They found us an AWESOME location that worked for our business model. Wait till you see this studio. Everyone that has come to the location loves the studio. It really does display well and clients are excited to come to a clean professional location for photography needs. We are over the top excited. We have two additional photographers that will be working out of the location as well. Angie Whitten from  “Harmony Photography” is one of our studio partners. Both of our business models are almost identical so there will always be a photographer who can handle any need that may arise for photography services.

Probably the most important reason for adding Boudoir  to the services we provide

Attitudes have changed and we have really missed not having a studio environment to work in. Photographers need lighting sets to work in and having a studio is ideal for creative purposes.  Boudoir is just a perfect fit for photographers.  All of our equipment has been in storage since we relocated to Gig Harbor Washington from Minnesota in 2014. It has been really nice to get it out and put it back to use.

But Attitude has been the big big reason to add Boudoir to the webpage. You now see Victoria Secret models and commercials on national prime time TV.  It’s not uncommon to see viagra commercials with couples in bathtubs giving each other ” The Look” on prime time TV. Who would have thought from 5 yrs ago. Women are now portrayed as strong confident role models who are strong and sexy at the same time. We think its about time. We raised all of our girls to be strong and confident with the belief that they could do anything they wanted to do in this world. It was all about strength and confidence in who they are and to have abilities and skill sets to stand out in this world and to be able to compete on an equal stage. Confidence and a positive attitude about yourself  and the body God gave you is exactly what Boudoir is about. Nothing more and nothing less.

What was once thought as Taboo is the 5o’s with Boudoir pin up style images captured at the time is now considered sexy and cute for the woman of today. Everyone is not afraid to let their sexy side out of the bag anymore. And women and mens attitudes have done a complete 180 turn around.  Some ladies know they will never be 21-30 again and want to come in for a session just for themselves before children arrive. Some women want to give the ultimate gift of themselves to their husbands and partners. Some  ladies have had major surgeries or have had children and want to show the world that they are strong soft and sexy moms. Cougar alert !!!  What ever the reason is, we want to make the experience memorable and uplifting for those that choose to participate.

Last thing to consider. This is about our studio environment and for clients to consider when seeking a photographer to capture you in a boudoir setting.  Men and women see boudoir differently. The types of posing ,lighting and looks that our male and female photographers capture is very different. Men that do this professionally tend to be more conservative with the approach and concentrate on the pose and lighting. Our female photographers have very different ideas that they think is sexy and looks that they like. Our male photographer does not do any nude photography at all where as our female photographer may take the liberty to push the envelope a bit. Also, some ladies don’t want to pose and get into lingerie in front of other women and some don’t want to do this in front of another male. We want to respect everyones needs and make sure they are met. And we always welcome an escort or best friend to come with you to your session. Remember, this is about you and nothing else.

Take a look.

Here are some boudoir images that we created when our brides and modeling friends came to the studio this month. These were images captured by our male photographer. So when you are ready to become empowered, or if you want to do something special for partner, we have the lighting, the sets and posing abilities to create looks that you will be happy to display. Come to our studio in Gig Harbor and have a wonderful experience.


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