Introducing our Day After Sessions Abiqua Falls Oregon


Sometimes its simply impossible to create images that Brides and Grooms want to have on the day of the wedding. This session at Abiqua Falls was a perfect example. We hiked down a very muddy and slippery mountain trail with ropes, 40 lbs of camera gear, off camera lighting,stands, into the heart of Abiqua falls with this couple.

The clients were troopers packing in their clothing and changing into the wedding day attire behind the brush while we set up for the sessions. This was a photographers version of a perfect day. An E ticket all the way. We cant think of a better way to spend the day with our clients.

Images from day after sessions will be at least 16×24 in size and framed for display in your home so you can cherish this experience for the rest of your life. We cant wait to do more of this with our clients. So we ask, what do you think you want to go for this experience because we are ready and willing to make this happen. This was an awesome experience for everyone involved.

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