Chambers Bay and Tacoma Glass Museum Engagement Session

Unique Moments Photography met this couple at the Tacoma Glass Museum for their engagement session. We always provides a free engagement session with all of our wedding packages because we want our clients to be comfortable with the photo capture process before the wedding days arrives. The engagement sessions allow us to get to know each other a bit better , they allow us to experiment with posing  and they let our brides try out ideas that we know they have saved on their pinterest  pages before the wedding day arrives. These engagement sessions are a real win Win for everyone involved.

We started at the Tacoma Glass Museum, Stopped at fireman’s park for a couple of shots, headed down to Point defiance park to the Japanese Garden, and we finished up on Chambers bay and captured an awesome Sunset for this session.

We used the Cheetahstand Colt 45 Longthrow modifier and the Godox AB600BM for al the images for this session except the sunset silhouette. Photographers are afraid to use Hard Light when shooting portraits and feel like they need to lug out big Octos  or a variety of pop open light modifiers so they can soften the light. While there are some slight advantages, there are some real disadvantages to bigger mods. The biggest nemesis would be wind and slight breezes that come out of no where. We are the first to admit they we have repaired many lights over the years due to breeze. The Bigger mods will catch the wind and launch easily even on something sturdy like a C stand and with an assistant holding as well. Bigger octos just don’t play well outside. These hard reflectors are almost wind proof. 2 yrs  straight and we have not lost a light from wind breezes

Cheetahstand solved the problems with the Colt 45 longthrow and the little sister which is the Snub 38 wide modifier. These 2 mods go everywhere with us and we rarely take out the bigger octa’s anymore. They just work too good. And, as you can see, hard light with out a diffusion panels works well when outdoors.

Additionally we cant say enough good things about the Godox 600 and 360 portable strobes. Having strobes on location allows us to put light on the front side of our clients that equals the exposures in the sky’s and backgrounds behind them. As a result, we can capture straight off camera files as shown here and we dont have worry about blown out skys or having to do a ton of adjustments in post processing to fix exposures. This allows us to turn over wedding images quickly. We can return 1200-1500 images every wedding within 1 week after the ceremony and that is largely do to our use of Off camera flash

If you would like additional information about this session, feel free to contact us via the website contact us page. For our future clients, We tend to go just about anywhere you want to go to capture your engagement session. Tacoma has great spots so if you need some help planning, just give us a call.


Photography by Unique Moments Photography

Tacoma GlassMuseum

Firemans Park Tacoma

Point Defiance park

Chambers bay 

Cheetahstand Colt 45 Longthrow

Godox Ab600 lights from MoLite



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