Chambers Bay Engagement by Unique Moments Photography


Unique Moments Photography  will travel to almost any destination for our clients engagement session.  The Chambers Bay  golf club and the public park below the cliffs continues to be a favorite location for engagement sessions with many of our clients. The tall grass and cement structures, as well as the sand traps near the golf course, and the ability to get on the beaches  leads itself to some compelling images at this location. However, Chambers bay is a direct west facing beach so in the late afternoon, Off Camera Flash set ups for photographers is almost a must or you are going to blow out sky’s and you will be fixing images in photoshop to get them Presentable for your clients. Sky’s are supposed to be blue, not white and blown out. Its almost impossible to shoot direct west without the use of off camera flash.

About 30 minutes prior to the sun falling below the horizon is a great time to capture amazing sunset photos shooting directly west at the falling sun. Flat sky’s make it a bit more difficult to capture a great sunset, however, if there is any hint of clouds in the sky, great images can be captured. We always use Off camera flash with a gel to match the clients to the light behind them and all you have to do is turn off the light to create a great silhouette against the sun set sky.

It also helps to have a beautiful couple like Aaron and Kim to work with. Unique Moments Photography  always provides for our clients when they retain us to capture their weddings. We just feel is a great way to introduce the clients to how we work on the wedding days, get them familiar with the photography process, and to find poses that they like and will work well on the day of the wedding. The familiarity just speeds up the photo process on wedding days and allows us to capture more images on the wedding day because the clients already know what they will be doing. Its just a win win for everyone

Consider Chambers bay for your engagement sessions. Its a wonderful place to go and your clients will love the experience.



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