Unique Moments Photography traveled to Lakewold Gardens at 12317 Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 to capture a very fun and exciting engagement session with Megan and Matthew. We always provide a free engagement session with a 16×24 gallery wrap for our wedding clients. The Engagement sessions lets us get our clients in front of the cameras and lets us work with them with posing and to find looks that will work well on their wedding day. It also helps us to get to know them better and form a closer relationship for that important upcoming wedding day.

Megan told us that this was going to be a Cluedo themed engagement session. So I Immediately jumped on Google to see what this was about and must say we were pleasantly surprised. We had a future bride and groom that wanted to go to an engagement session and kill each other LOL !!! This sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun and a first for us.

So the engagement session was themed from the classic the Board game Cluedo Clue. There are several characters to this board game and they were:

  • Miss Scarlett (Miss Scarlet in North American versions after 1963) is a red piece.
  • Professor Plum is a purple piece.
  • Mrs. Peacock is a blue piece.
  • Reverend Mr Green (Mr. Green in North American versions and Reverend Green in later UK versions) is a green piece.
  • Colonel Mustard is a yellow piece.
  • Mrs. White is a white piece / Dr Orchid is a pink piece.

And all the characters can have weapons to kill each other with. The weapons for the board game were a candlestick, a dagger, a lead pipe, a revolver, a rope and a wrench. Megan decided to take it one step further and added poison to he weapons of choice. And of course we cant discount the Lakewold Mansion which made for the perfect location to pull off this session.

So off we went. We found  some great locations to pull off the dastardly deeds and even better locations for Kiss and Make up photos. Gotta say. this was one fun engagement session and Megan and Matthew were a blast to photograph. We cant wait for this wedding. Also have to say, WOW, the Lakewold Gardens is one of the most beautiful wedding venues we have been to in this area of Washington.

The property first began in 1908 as a 5 acre home site for Emma Alexander, who transferred the property to her son Hubbard Alexander and his wife Ruth Alexander. At this point the gardens were already well known in the area. The Alexanders purchased an adjacent site in 1918. In 1925 the property was sold to Major Everett Griggs and his wife, Grace, who renamed the property “Lakewold,” a middle-English word meaning “lake-woods.” In 1938 the property was sold again to G. Corydon and Eulalie Wagner, who began collecting plants and engaged Thomas Church as a landscape architect.

In 1987 Mrs. Wagner donated the estate to a non-profit organization, the Friends of Lakewold, stating, “As we become more and more city creatures, living in manmade surroundings, perhaps gardens will become even more precious to us, letting us remember that we began in the garden.”.  Megan and Matthews wedding will be nothing short of spectacular at this venue and we just cant wait for the awesome Fall wedding to take place. So stand by in September. This one will be off the charts beautiful

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