Unique Moments Photography traveled to Manchester State Park in Port Orchard to capture Justin and Jessica’s engagement session. We captured this session last month when Washington and Oregon were on fire and the sky’s were filled with smoke and ash. Even tough lighting was not the best, We knew that at sunset we would get some nice filtered sun in the sky’s to work with so everyone decided to give it a go. Must say the smokey skys worked out pretty well. We are very excited for this June 2018 wedding. Justin and Jessica will be having their wedding on the sound and it promises to be a very fan day for everyone


On a side note

Manchester State park is a very cool place to go for photos. However, I was approached by the park ranger and was asked if I had the state park photography permit. We have been to Manchester many times and this was the first that we have heard about a permit to photograph. We got a kitchen pass but photographers should be prepared for 2018. The state parks will require a permit for all photography sessions. Your discovery pass will not be good enough. There is some confusion on the state of Washington’s part because some are saying its a  $100.00 per park fee and others are saying its a $100.oo permit for the entire year for all the parks. We brought this to the attention of the photography community and many called Washingtons state park system and got the same song and dance. We don’t think anyone in the Washington’s state park system knows for sure what the policy will officially be.  So stay tuned. In addition to the new permit, you still have to have a state discovery pass as well. Unfortunately, this will make the state parks much less desirable to capture photos at until they can get their act together and come up with a policy that everyone can understand and will abide by.


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