Unique Moments Photography always provides a fee engagement session with our wedding packages. We feel  it’s a great opportunity to get the clients in front of a camera and figure out some poses and looks that will work for the wedding day. And, we always provide a big 16×24 gallery wrap for the guest sign in table. Its nice to have a large portrait of the couple at the wedding and reception. Couple’s feel comfortable with the Photo capture process and wedding day photos always turn out to be easier for everyone involved.

Most of our clients know that Mike loves to hike and explore the areas around Washington. As a result we get some great requests to hike into unique areas to capture engagement photos. Ashley and Logan love the Skagit mountain range. They 4 whl in the area with their off road vehicles and its where Logan proposed to Ashley. So when he asked we were like….Are you kidding. Lets go

So we loaded up the new 4 runner and drove up to the snow line in May to start the photo process. The day could not have been more perfect. Well, except for the narrow roads and the feeling that we were about to die a slow death from falling over the side of a cliff in our  NEW car at 9000 Ft.  The 75 degree weather, tons of snow, waterfalls everywhere you could look, and a clear blue skyline kind of made up for it. What was really great was that we were able to have our portable strobes with us so we could match the direct light on the couple. Its was super bright at the top of the mountain and we could barely keep our eyes open while we were in the snow. But we got the job done and captured some fun unique photos

What a Great day with this couple. So we have to ask. Who is going to top this one. We are always up for an outdoor adventure. Don’t be afraid to ask


Cant wait for this wedding


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