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Unique Moments Photography of Gig Harbor Washington will travel to just about anyplace in Washington for the Free Engagement session we provide our clients with their photography packages. Every wedding gets a free Engagement session. We love to get our clients in front of the camera before the wedding day get here to get them familiar with the photo capture process. More importantly, the sessions allow us to work on posing that will look the best for the wedding and it gets our clients very comfortable in front of the camera.

So, when Julie and Darren asked if we could go to Skagit fields for the engagement session, our response was absolutely. Name the time and the day and we will be there. Julie grew up in La Conner Washington and she wanted her engagement photos captured in the tulip fields. What a great place to go for engagement sessions. We are new to Washington and love it when our clients take us to new and exciting places in the awesome state we live in. Nothing compares to Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

We also got a chance to play with some new equipment from Cheetahstands lighting. Some of these images were captured in full bright F/18 sunlight. We tested the new Cheetah colt 45 long throw reflector. Man what an amazing product. We were able to put our clients backs to the sun and capture these images with a CL-360 310 ws strobe and this new 45 long Throw reflector in F/18 light. That means that we no longer have to bring heavy studio lighting to your weddings to capture pictures at 2PM in the harsh mid-day light. These CL-360’s and a long throw will get the job done with room to spare.

What this means for our clients is no shadows in the eye sockets in 2PM harsh afternoon light, no blown out sky’s ( they are supposed to be blue not white in color ) and the ability to go anywhere to capture images without worrying about the sun. All we have to do it put your backs against the sun and fire away with these long throws on the lights. The harsh mid day sun is officially tamed and no longer an issue for professional photographers. Amazing products.

For more information about cheetah lighting please feel free to send us an email or you can go directly to the cheetahstand website. Ask for Ed, he is the owner and by far the best customer service in the industry for professional photographers.




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