Tacoma Wedding Photographer Smallwood Park Eatonville

Unique Moments Photography of Gig Harbor Washington took Snowy and Ryan to George Smallwood park in Eatonville for their engagement session. Smallwood Park is a little gem of a location and is perfect for engagement sessions and outdoor portrait sessions.

We always provide a Free Engagement session primarily because we want to get the couples out and get them familiar with the picture capture process, find out what types of looks are going to work well for them, and we really want to get the guys in front of the camera for those public displays of affection shots that can be difficult for them to capture. So when we asked Ryan if he was ready to go he said, No problem, I love getting my pictures taken with Snowy.

After the first 2-3 minutes of this session we knew that was going to be easy Peasy. Ryan and Snowy are so much in love. The mutual admiration just explodes from them. The inter action Between them was amazing. From A Photographers viewpoint, It does not get any better than these two in front of a camera. We all  brought ideas to the table and we just decided to play and try things. These two could not miss. They loved being in front of the camera. All of us had a blast playing in the light and being creative.

I was able to use some of the new modifiers from Cheetahstand and  captured these shots by the river in extremely bright light with the Cheetah 45 long throw reflector. We were in F/16-18 bright light and the long throw reflector allowed my to put a 310 ws light on the couple and light them to ambient light conditions. I was blown away. The sky stayed blue and the F/18 light on the water did not blow out.

So back to the session. It got to the point where all we wanted them to do was inter act with each other. Any pose we tried or that snowy wanted to try with her pinterest list just worked flawlessly. Snowy and Ryan are a beautiful couple and are extremely comfortable in front of the camera. We absolutely can’t wait for the wedding day to arrive in November. A bridal walk before the ceremony with this couple will be amazing. November 26th is going to be an awesome day for Unique Moments Photography because we have an  amazing couple to photograph on their wedding day.


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