Maternity Photographer in Gig Harbor and Tacoma

Unique Moments Photography has been capturing maternity portraits at our commercial photography studio at 7117  Stinson ave since December 2016. While our primary business is wedding photography, we have catered our business services completely around the needs of our brides and their families. Many of our brides have inquired about Boudoir photography so we opened our studio to accommodate those needs. We have a full service boudoir and photography studio at the Stinson location.

The other exciting service that our brides let us provide for them is maternity and newborn photography. It seems like its inevitable. Our brides get married, and then they start to have families. Its just how the world turns. We are having a blast capturing these maternity portraits. The ladies are simply beautiful in these images. Best times to capture maternity images is at 30-34 weeks. The Baby bump is very visible and the moms to be are still pretty comfortable and can move around with ease. Its seems like most of the moms at month 8+, are pretty uncomfortable and are not in the mood to be photographed. However, we have captured a few mons  2 weeks out and a couple others the day before birth.  Everyone is different but Month 7 seems to work the best

We capture the moms to be in their own maternity dresses and we ask that when the ladies come in to be photographed that they try to bring their husbands as well. Ideally we want to capture images of both of you together. If you desire some of the fancy maternity gowns that you see on Pinterest for maternity photos, please let us know and we can tell you where to get them at reasonable prices. We have not stocked the studio with an assortment of these maternity dress’s because we want to keep the entry point  lower for pricing for these services. Our maternity sessions are $350.00 and include a 16×20 print and edited electronic files. You can make additional prints or order prints from us. Amazon and a few other on line websites have a variety of the maternity gowns at very reasonable prices. You will be able to select the perfect gown for your needs v/s using a dress’s  that others have worn. There is just too many great options on the internet for you to personalize these sessions to you . The on line stores make this a better option for you v/s going to a photography company that has a large selection of maternity dress’s. Entry prices for these types of studio’s often start in excess of $800.00 for the maternity packages. Most of our expecting moms tell us they would rather get their own dress and keep the price points lower for the photography services.

If you know someone who is expecting a baby, have them contact us about our services. We have heard from many of the mothers of our brides that their  biggest regret when they were raising families was that they never got a maternity portrait captured when they were pregnant. Its one of the most beautiful images you can capture and we feel they should be displayed on your family portrait walls at  your home. We capture these images in a variety of styles and outdoors as well



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