Point defiance park, and the local waterfront areas near the park, continue to be a great spot for us to take our client into for photo opportunities. So we decided to make a blog post with some of our engagement and family sessions we did this year at the location. The pagoda garden area always has great colors and great afternoon lighting behind your clients for pleasing photo results. And it really doesn’t matter what time of the year you go there, the pagoda garden will always work because of the lighting in the area. Lots of open shade and high lights from afternoon lighting behind the clients.

The pond area in front of the park offers plenty of photo ops as well. And,  in the summer and spring, the rose garden areas are full of color. The great thing about this park is that it is right on the 5 mile drive near the Zoo.  So after you hit the hot spots at the park, you are 5 minutes from Owens beach where you can walk down to the water and take photos on a sandy beach. Mount rainier is always visible on a clear day as well. So, be sure to pack your 400MM lens when you go to the beach area to photograph.  It is very easy to suck that mountain right behind your clients and create wonderful images with telephoto compression techniques.

The Last thing to remember about this area. The Tacoma water front, 11th St bridge, Chinese garden park, glass museum areas. University of Washington,  and the marina’s are all very close to each other. This makes it really easy to take clients to different areas and create a great portrait experience for them.  We Frequently take our clients into these areas for engagement sessions. We get some very nice results because everything is close by and it doesn’t look like you went to a location and called it a day. We can cover a lot of ground in about 1.5 hrs and our clients always love the results. So the next time you and banging your head trying to figure out a fun local spot to do an engagement session, family session or a high School senior portrait session, start off at Point defiance park and start moving to the the local spots near the park. Your clients will love the results.

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