One of the really cool things I get to do is belong to the Pierce County professional Photography Association PCPPA. The association in Tacoma helps newer photographers learn the ropes in the photography business, they provide training for new and seasoned photographers, and they are actively involved in the communities they serve.

Every year, Photographers from the association volunteer their time and efforts and provide a free high School Senior portrait session to some very fortunate students in the area. Its a win win for everyone. Students get rewarded for doing great at school, and photographers get to go out and practice techniques and improve skill sets.

This is my 2nd year of participation and this year I got to photograph Ronalei. She was such a lovely young lady to be with and capture. The day started off with a free complete make up session with make up artists who also provided their service free of charge for the selected students.

We all met this past Tuesday for the big Senior style reveal party where I got to meet Ronalei’s parents and families. It really was a fun night and all the students received some prints and a set of digital files for being so awesome and for doing so great with their education.

Volunteering and helping families is always a great thing to be a part of and I cant wait for the class of 2018 to arrive. Keep doing great at school everyone. You could be the next lucky person to get a free senior portrait session from the Pierce County Professional photography association.


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