Unique Moments Photography from Gig Harbor Washington traveled to Axis in Pioneer Square  in Seattle Wa to capture this awesome awesome wedding for Briena and DiJon. When we were contacted by Briena about this venue  and we jumped at the chance to cover this wedding. Axis is such a cool venue in the heart of Seattle and Its very affordable considering how expensive most of the hotels are in comparison to other venues in Seattle. It really is a bargain and Axis has a classy high end Seattle feel to it. The best thing about Axis is that its 100% weatherproof for the climate in Seattle. The indoor facility is awesome and its right in the heart of pioneer square.

This wedding took place on  November 4th and it was not a typical Seattle day. This day was cold and filled with a Rain snow mix for the entire day. However  as difficult as the weather was for this day, it was no match for our very smart bride and this awesome wedding venue at Axis. Brienna took mother nature head on and had a plan for every possibility that mother nature could throw out at you for a Seattle winter wedding. First off she rented a condo is the residential area of Seattle and everyone got dressed at the condominium. It was a little cozy but we were to capture all the getting ready images that we normally capture. Plus she did not have to pay high hotel room costs to get ready at with her bridal party.

After everyone was dressed,  it was time for formal pictures. Its raining and its snowing outside. What are we to do?  NO PROBLEM. Briena rented  an artist studio 2 blocks from Axis. The bridal party jumped in Uber cars and headed to the studio for first looks and formal photos at this studio.  Let it rain and let it snow as we were all nice and toasty inside and we were able to capture some fun images with the bridal party. Then it was time to head to Axis for the ceremony and reception where family and friends were waiting.

Axis is a fairly large indoor facility that has a warehouse feel to it. It  is all used old bricks in appearance and it photographs very very well. They set up one side of the venue as a small wedding chapel which allowed our couple to use the facility to get married in.  And, there was plenty of room to use it as a reception venue as well. This is great for families and it saves them Tons of $$$$$$$$ as they don’t have to move to different locations for wedding needs. Seattle Parking is a nightmare, but not for Axis.  There is Plenty of parking and guests don’t have to figure out how to get around in the city. Its all in one spot for Axis.  Our couple was married at the facility in a wonderful ceremony and after the ceremony concluded, the staff at Axis tore down the wedding side and set it up for a reception needs with food and deserts for the guests. So the facility itself is extremely useful, the food was excellent and the staff was top notch and extremely accommodating for family and guests at this wedding. It just doesn’t get any better and best of all, Axis if AFFORDABLE !!!

Also, Axis is in the heart of pioneer square in downtown Seattle. So If rainy weather is the call for the day, your guests are inside safe and warm from the elements. And as a photography company that loves to photograph in the rain, and at nighttime in  dark situations, the city streets and lighting in Seattle always makes for awesome photography. Especially if it rains. We Loved Axis. Its an exceptional wedding venue.  Axis is also a very dark facility so if you are a bride looking for a photographer, make sure your photographer is very proficient with a flash and off camera flash set ups. Its . Photographers will need to use flash at all times inside this facility to capture acceptable imagery and they will need camera equipment with great ISO capabilities for this venue. We were at 6400 ISO all night long. Thats pretty dark for photography.

We had so much fun at this wedding.  Awesome families, a beautiful couple, a Great bridal party and wonderful friends made this a very very special wedding. Briena and DiJon knocked it out of the park with this wedding. Everything was planned perfectly.  Their guest were treated to a wonderful night out on the town of Seattle and AXIS is truly a great facility to have your wedding at. We cant say enough good things about this wedding ,this facility, and the family and friends for this wedding. It was an off the charts fantastic wedding.




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