Heartland Ranch Graham WA Tacoma Wedding Photographer

Unique Moments Photography From Gig Harbor Washington found out about The Heartland Ranch wedding venue at the 2015 Tacoma Brides club Bridal show. The owners are super nice and this was a new start up venue for the Graham area in Washington. So, When Cheyanne and Clint told us they we were getting married at the facility, we were very excited to have the opportunity to capture a wedding at Heartland Ranch.

We met Clint and Cheyanne at the venue this spring and did the engagement session. We got a tour, came up with a game plan with the couple and the owners. Everyone was very excited for this late summer wedding.

September 3rd started out as a cloudy day after 3 straight days of rain n the area. The girls got dressed in a bridal area that is provided by facility. They have a cute little bridal area that worked out well for getting ready pictures. We decided to photograph  the guys and the girls  formal pictures in the pasture area that had a nice background for pictures. Clint and Cheyanne decided to wait and see each other as she walked down the Isle so No  “First look” for this wedding. They did it Old School !!

The ceremony started as the clouds were starting to close in and we thought a few drops might fall. But mother nature cooperated and the ceremony went off with out any rain. The couple exchanged vows and a kiss for luck and they were ready to party.

Formals with the bridal party and family followed the ceremony and soon after guests were treated to some of the best BBQ  we have ever had. The food was Off the charts awesome. We have to put in a plug for the food vendor. Longhorn BBQ. Some of the best BBQ beef and pulled pork I have ever had. Simply delicious.

The reception activities consisted of speeches, cutting a cake, bride and grooms first dance, Mother/son dance and a garter and Bouquet toss.

The Heartland Ranch is a great place to have a wedding. Its simple, has nice areas for photos, nice views of Mount Rainier, and you can cater in your own food and put your own personal touches on your wedding. Prices are very reasonable, owners are super nice, and our clients had the wedding of their dreams come true. If your looking for a nice venue for an outdoor wedding then the  Heartland Ranch should be on your list of considerations. Perfect for summer weddings. We cant wait to go back.


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