Unique Moments Photography,from Gig Harbor Washington, had the honor to capture  Katie and Ryan’s AWESOME wedding at the #Kelley Farm at 20021 Sumner-Buckley Hwy E, Bonney Lake, WA. . We met Katie through her mother Terri Rossi from best Body Moves. She is in our bridges to success BNI Network group. When we met Katie and she told us of the plans for her wedding, We knew this was going to be an off the charts wedding that we wanted to be part of. We were so excited and knew this was going to be a very special wedding event.

If you have not seen the Kelley Farm wedding venue, then you owe it to yourself to go out and take a tour and see if this is a venue that will work for your wedding day plans. Its is simply a beautiful venue with a down on the farm country feel to it. The brides dressing room is awesome. The guys have a great little shed that has been converted to a getting ready area as well. The big Barn is completely finished and set to go for an anyway you want it thats they way you get it, casual or very formal, put your own stamp  and style  to, Fantastic Reception venue. You just cant miss with this set up.  There are so many ways you can dress this place up and make it unique.

The day started off with lots of getting ready activities and photo opportunities. Hate to say it but the Kelley Farm is  a cant miss venue. Even mom, with her I-phone, is going to get great images anyplace at the Kelley Farm. Everything just works. After the getting ready portion of the day was done, it was time for the first looks. Katie decided to a  first look with her father first and then Ryan second. Ahhhh the suspense for Ryan. Dad was a little nervous and it was actually kind of fun watching a groom and a father sweat it out for that first look with Katie. Both of them played it off by being  “Joe Cool” but we could tell, they were a tad nervous and anxious. The photos speak for themselves and this really was a nice moment for everyone involved. They had a great first look.

Katie is a very fortunate young woman who has 3 men in her life that love her and deeply care for her. So when the ceremony started, she had 2 fathers who walked her down this Isle and a husband to be who was anxiously waiting for her at the alter. And, so it began. They were like two kids in a candy shop at the alter area. smiling, giggling, nervous laughing. It was great to see. Vows were exchanged, rings were put on, parents were wiping the tears away,  and after a  kiss for luck, and it was time to party the night away. It was a beautiful ceremony indeed.

And what a party it was. The LIVE band played 2 styles of music. Country and Western. And man this was  a Kick ass country western band. The reception started off with the bride and groom doing the first dance, followed by 2 dads having their dance with Katie and then Ryan and his mother having a dance as well. Time to eat. The vendor that Katie and Ryan choose was awesome and the food was fantastic. Speeches followed dinner and Katie and Ryan snuck out to catch a couple of shots alone in the sunset lighting. Then it was party time, dancing and more fun times for this couple and their bridal party.

Gotta say that this was indeed a special and very fun wedding to be part of. Its so awesome to see young couples starting off in life with so much support from loving families and friends. You could just feel it and see it everywhere through out the day. Its was beautiful to watch and capture.

The kelley Farm wedding venue. Its one of those Cant miss everything you are going to do is going to look great wedding venues. If I wanted to have a country themed wedding this would be one at the top of my list. For photographers, this is a venue you want to be in. Its a cant miss venue. We gave captured over 375 weddings and this one is right up there with the best of them.

All in all.  This was a great Day for Unique Moments Photography. We put up 62 images from this wedding for the blog and we could have easily out up 80 more. Everything was perfect. It was also a great day for Katie and Ryan and their families. We are very Thankful that we got to be part of this one. It was special, it was beautiful, and it truly was an Honor to capture and photograph.


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