Unique Moments Photography had to honor to capture this beautiful fall wedding at the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo Washington. Jessica and wade could not have selected a better venue for their wedding. This was out fall wedding and we were very nervous because rain was on- off all week long. But mother nature cooperated and at 2PM the sun made an appearance and we were off to one fantastic wedding . A beautiful  mix of rustic and natural elegance, Kiana Lodge is a perfect place to hold a meaningful event. The smell of fragrant gardens and the sea salt air. The warmth of the sun on your face as you watch eagles fly high above. The rushing sound of the waves hitting the shore, as you sit on the deck sipping a refreshing cocktail. Soft leather couches, floor to ceiling fireplaces, the soft crackles of the fire as you sit and sip the perfect glass of cabernet. That hint of fresh rosemary in their signature salmon. You can experience all this and more; only a short ferry ride away from Seattle. Kiana is nothing short of a perfect wedding venue and by far the best one we have been in for the Puget Sound area.


The day started off with Jessica and her brides maids getting ready at a private residence about 5 miles from the venue. The girls did hair and make up at the home and went directly to the venue to get Jessica into her dress. After she was in her dressed it was time for the first looks. We did a first look with her father and a first look with wade. After the first looks were done it was time for the formal pictures. We captured the guys while Jessica was getting into her dress and doing final touches. This is a big big reason to have 2 photographers present for your wedding. The guys always take 15 minutes to get ready. Never fails. The girls need a little more time. So our Male photographer was able t work with the guys and our female photographer was able to stay in the dressing room with the girls. This really expedites the photo process and allows us to capture more images.

After we captured the bridal party pictures we were ready for the immediate family pictures for the bride and groom. All family portraits were captured before the ceremony. And as a result, Jessica had abut 45 minutes to go back inside and freshen up and touch up make up for the ceremony. This was very much welcomed on this day because the wind kicked up during formal pictures and blew everyones hair all over the place. We unfortunately had strong winds during formal photos. But, we managed to get everything captured prior as planned.

This wedding went off without any hitches. And the venue is simply beautiful for a wedding. Jessica and her father waked down the isle with her uncle waiting at the alter to perform the ceremony. It was truly a wonderful event. Candles were lit to Honor Jessica’s mother who passed away when she was an infant. Rings were exchanged, vow’s were given, and after a kiss for luck, these two were ready to P-A-R-T-Y

And what a party it was. Guests were treated to a wonderful meal and the maid of honor and best man gave awesome speeches. Jessica’s father had everyone in tears as he honored Jessica’s mother and told the story of her passing. For her first 3 yrs in life , it was only Jessica and her father Kelley. These two had an undeniable tight father daughter bond and I must say It was truly an honor to capture these photos.

After dinner, these two cut a cheese cake and then it was time for the first dances. The bride and groom sang and danced to Aerosmith and then it was time for the moment that everyone came to see. The father daughter dance. I promise you there was not a dry eye in the house. Simply beautiful to watch and capture. Wade finished off the formal dances with nice dance with his mother

A garter and Bouquet toss concluded the reception activities. This wedding was an absolute home run. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 100. Simple a perfect wedding from start to finish. We must say it really was great to see the supportive families on both sides and they came together to celebrate this couple. We wish both of them a lifetime of happiness and lots of babies. We loved being a small part of theses wonderful families for the day and we had an absolute blast at this wedding. Thanks so much for choosing Unique Moments for your wedding photography coverage.

Venue is Kiana lodge


Photography by Unique Moments Photography


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