Manchester State Park Wedding Port Orchard 98366

Unique Moments photography traveled to the Manchester state park in Port Orchard to capture this wonderful early spring wedding for our assistant Chloe Beach. We have captured several engagement sessions at this park however we have never captured a wedding. So this was our first wedding at Manchester. This venue is an old bomb storage facility from WW2 and the facility has been turned into a state park. The venue has access to the beach with water areas that photographs  well when it is High tide. Low tide,  and it’s a complete disaster with mud and moss everywhere. There are trails to use for photography needs as well. Entrance to the park is $10.00 and if you are there as a business then you need to have a state parks permit which is usable at all Washington state parks. The rangers will hassle you if you are a photographer and you dont have this permit displayed in your car.

Our goal with every wedding we capture is to be sure that a story is being told . We want our  couples to use  the images we capture  and make a keepsake album that can  be passed to the next generation. We offer album design service or clients can do this themselves with many album companies found on the net.  We had to rely on all our experience to get this wedding captured. We were 2.5 hrs late from the start time. I felt so bad for my bride. Circumstances way beyond her control. But she pulled it off and we got it done. We shot this wedding in less than 2 Hrs…… We were on  Auto Pilot the entire time. 15 yrs experience and almost 600 weddings later, instinct  is what got this story told and we were very happy with the results.

You Never know what will jump in and screw up things for a wedding. New people will get flustered and everything usually goes sideways. We just worked way faster than we normally do. So glad I have this  Canon 1Dx2. We were literally shooting in the dark at the end of this event.  Being able to see flash exposure and the camera settings in the eye piece is invaluable Especially when its dark. Servo just never misses. All in all , we are very happy with these captures. A wonderful love story was captured an our clients will have great images for the rest of their lives from their wedding day to share with family and friends. After everything is said and done, thats what wedding photography is all about. Memories and pictures that last a lifetime.


Photography by Unique Moments Photography

Manchester State Park 


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