Nisqually Winds Mountain House Ashford Wa Wedding Venue

Unique Moments Photography from Gig Harbor Washington had the honor to photograph Kim and Shawn’s wedding at the Nisqually Winds Mountain House wedding venue in Ashford Washington. We first heard about Nisqually winds when we met Kim and Shawn. Everyone decided that we were going to go to the venue for the free engagement session we provide. We wanted to check out the facility and areas for photo opportunities for the day of the wedding.

We must preface this by saying that Mount Rainier National park is probably our favorite place in Washington.  Nisqually winds is about 1/2 mile from the ranger station entrance to the park and the facility has unobstructed views of Mt Rainier. We met Deborah Cooper ( 253-606-8361 ) who is the owner of the facility and she proceeded to give us a grand tour of Nisqually winds Mountain House.

This 91 Acre facility has it all. Included is a River at its back door, unobstructed views of Mt rainier, beautiful natural mature mountain landscape scenes, a custom A frame cabin that the bridal party uses to get ready in, a outdoor patio styled wedding area with an arch, a beautiful outdoor covered reception area which could be used in case it rains, built in restrooms, a Pond, and plenty of out buildings and photo op scenes to choose from. Best of all, families can bring in a vendor of their choice to Nisqually winds to feed the guests. That means you are not locked into a $50.00 per plate catering price for your guests. This is a huge savings for families to consider.

We must say, with out a doubt, this is our favorite outdoor wedding venue for the Tacoma area. It has it all and them some. The owner, Deborah, who is also an accomplished photographer, took Kim and Shawn to all the fun photo places at the facility so getting great pictures is never going to be a problem at this venue.

On the day of the wedding, Kim and Shawn both got ready inside the cabin which has separate areas so the bride and groom wont be able to see each other until the first look time. It worked our perfectly for this wedding. Kim and Shawn had a first look prior to the ceremony and formals with the bridal party and family were captured after the ceremony.

The ceremony went off with out a hitch with beautiful Mt Rainier in the background. Views were spectacular. After a quick kiss for luck, Kim and Shawn were ready to party the day away. They had a grand march to the reception and guests were treated to a great BBQ meal. Reception activities included speeches,bride and grooms first dance, dances with moms and Dads, cake cutting, and a garter and bouquet toss.

As the sun was setting we went out for a couple of photo ops at the ponds with the owner. Nisqually Winds Mountain Home is simply spectacular and this awesome couple had a fantastic wedding with great families and friends to support them as they continue their life together. So If you are looking for one of the best outdoor facilities that Washington and the Mount Rainier area has to offer, look no further. We would put  Nisqually Winds Mountain house at the top of your list.

Kim and Shawn. Well done. This was an awesome wedding and we were tickled to be part of it.  WE cant wait to go back.


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