Salish Lodge wedding Snoqualmie Falls Washington

Unique Moments Photography traveled to the Salish Lodge and spa at Snoqualmie falls  in Washington to capture this wonderful intimate wedding for Stacy and Adam. We have been to the Falls a couple of times and always wanted to capture a wedding at this location. The Salish lodge is a beautiful hotel Overlooking Snoqualmie Falls. This elegant lodge is 1 mile from Northwest Railway Museum and 12 miles from Tiger Mountain State Forest. Its a must see for anyone coming to Washington to check out the pacific Northwest.

The day started out with Stacy and Adam getting ready at separate locations so they could have a first look with Stacy in her dress and Adam seeing her for the first time. It was a very special moment. Then the bride and groom headed out to the falls area for pictures with the best man and maid of honor. As we were taking pictures, the weather started to change quickly and rain was fast approaching. However we managed to get all the pictures  of the bridal party done and the family pictures were also completed just as mother nature decided to let go. And not a moment too soon because it really started to rain pretty hard. So the record is officially still in tact. No Rain outs for Unique Moments Photography. The count is over 400 but we got really lucky with this one.

The Salish Lodge has an outside covered awning area attached to the building. As a result,  the rain was not a big deal. Guests were out of the rain and the covered area is clear plastic so it really added to the intimacy of this special wedding. Stacy and Adam had a traditional jewish ceremony and the Rabbi was simply fantastic. She performed all the jewish customs and Adam smashed the glass and kissed his new bride to officially start off an awesome party. The food was awesome at the Salish lodge and the staff was excellent and extremely accommodating for the guests. It was First Class all the way.

The banquet room is really set up for smaller more intimate wedding settings. Our guess is less than 100 guests would be a big number and that would be pretty tight for seating. This wedding also took place on a Saturday and it was fathers day weekend. As a result, the public area to view the falls was absolutely packed with people. It made it impossible to capture a shot overlooking the falls and the rain and fog that came in wiped out the view after the ceremony. Frustrating to say the least.

The other drawback to the venue is parking. Especially on weekends. Guests had to park 2-3 blocks away as the venue did not have designated parking areas for the wedding guests. However, all in all, this venue is really excellent and provides families with an awesome experience. This was a wonderful wedding. We made new friends, got to eat some outstanding food, and more importantly, got to witness two wonderful people commit to each other in the presence of God, families, and close friends. We were truly honored to be a part of this awesome awesome wedding. Congratulations to Stacy, Adam and the twins.  This was an outstanding wedding and everyone had a great time. We would go back in a heartbeat. The Salish Lodge and spa does not disappoint. If you are looking for a smaller more intimate setting, this is the place to have your wedding at.


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