Shooting Star Events Garden wedding Maple Valley 98038

Unique Moments Photography traveled to the Shooting Star Events Gardens in Maple Valley to capture this amazing wedding with Amanda and Nick. Everything about this wedding, the couple, the story, the families and the events that led up to this day made this wedding very very  special. It was supposed to happen in the summer of 2018. However a tragic accident postponed this wedding for an entire year. Our couple are arial artists ( wait till you see the first dance arial act ) and our bride had an accident that resulted in a C5 fracture of her neck. So it was an entire year and rehab and medical needs that resulted in one of the most challenging situations any couple could face.
But this couple is  strong and very special. They got through the accident and just waited for the following summer to have the wedding. So when summer 2019 came around, we knew that this would be the highlight of our summer wedding season for 2019.
The wedding was held at the Shooting start event gardens in maple valley. It is one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues that we have been to in the entire 6 years in Washington. Talk about a home run venue to have a garden type wedding. This is the place. Our couple did this wedding old school all the way. A fist look with dad, pictures of the bridal party separate and Poor nick just had to wait until he saw Amanda walking down the Isle to catch his first look of his bride. As you can see from the photos, had had a tough time. She was absolutely a stunning bride.
The bridal party , all close personal friends of this couple , and the families were filled with tears of joy as Nick and Amana said their vows. This was a wonderful wedding and after a kiss for luck Amanda and Nick treated everyone to a Unique first dance performance. This was the most Unique first dance we have ever captured in 14 yrs of wedding photography services. An  all arial first dance. No One has ever done one in Washington that we know of. Everyone was blown away
The reception was perfect, the food was even better and most of the normal highlights that happen at wedding receptions happened at this  wedding reception. EXCEPT FOR  ONE LITTLE THING !!!!! The bridal party and their friends. Nick and Amanda are artists and many of their friends are artists as well. The friends that got up and gave live performances for the dances, father daughter dance and the kick of the party dances were out of this world. Everyone was blown away with the caliper and talent  that these personal friends have with singing abilities. They would all be in the top 10 on the voice. Just amazing talent and one heck of a great  wild and crazy party.
So Yeah, this wedding was insanely off the charts on the great scale. One of the most fun and unique weddings we have ever captured. The family, friends, the story and courage of our couple,  and the unique arial acts with  the singing talent of these close friends made this a day no one will ever forget. Amanda and Nick, we were truly honored to be a small part of your day. It’s a wedding we will never forget. Well done. It was worth the wait.

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