Unique Moments Photography from Gig Harbor, Washington had the honor to capture Amber and Kyle’s wedding in Naches, Washington.  When we first met Amber, she told us of her plans to have a beautiful wedding in Naches, Washington. She asked us if we knew where Naches was at and we replied that we knew it was out by Yakima and it was in apple country.  Man, did we ever get an education about Washington apples and Naches, Washington.

The wedding was taking place at a friends beautiful property which was right in the middle of numerous Apple orchards in Washington. We are talking right in the heart of Washington’s 1.5 Billion apple producers orchards and another 1.25 Billion in hops country.  The venue was perfect and completely surrounded by apple orchards on a large backyard area of her friends home. It truly was a beautiful place to have a wedding.

This was truly a special wedding. We love to capture weddings, but they tend to have special meaning when we can actively see God’s work at play.  Both of these families were very much involved and are deeply devoted in faith. We cannot go into great detail about the story,  but we know the story and it was simply wonderful to be part of this special day and to witness God’s blessings and the miracles only He can create.

The day started off with the bride and groom getting ready at separate locations. They had their first look at a beautiful meadow alongside the Naches River.  After the first look, bridal party formals were captured and everyone then headed to the wedding venue for formal photos with family members.

The ceremony was beautiful.  Amber walked into the venue with her father and the ceremony was officiated by a close family friend.  After vows were exchanged and a kiss to celebrate being husband and wife, these two were ready to party the night away. They had a taco bar for dinner which was outstanding. Great food for sure. Guests were also treated to a live band who were also close friends of Amber and Kyles. We don’t get to see live bands too much these days, but his band was awesome. Cody Beebe was the lead singer and also the owner of the beautiful property where the wedding took place.  Kyle and Amber had their  first dance and the parents stepped in and we had a Father/Daugther, Mother/Son at the same time to live music. It really was very nice to see and to capture.

We simply has a wonderful time at this wedding. Great families, a free education about Washington’s apple crops from one of the guests, and a chance to witness wonderful things and hear the great story that brought Amber and Kyle together. This one was special and an honor to capture.  We want to wish Amber, Kyle and Brendan many blessings for their future as a family.


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