The Ruston Chapel Elopement Wedding Tacoma Wa 98407

Unique Moments Photography got a call late in the season from Our bride who told us that her fiance’ was going to be on leave from military service for the Christmas weekend and that they wanted to Elope and get married. Man we were super excited about this. Stephanie told us that they called the parents and their best friends and told them to be at the Ruston Chapel in Tacoma on December 22nd because they were going to be wild and crazy and get married for Christmas. We were excited about this all month long. It was a great Big secret.

Our bride did everything in about 4 weeks from start to finish and our groom had a week of liberty. Between sporadic emails to each other Stephanie and Zack managed to put this together.  The Parents flew into town and everyone met on December 22nd at 11:30AM for the wedding at the Ruston Chapel.

I told stephanie that I wanted to capture this elopement like a regular wedding except we were going to be  doing it at Warp speed. So when she said, we only want a few images to document the day, We kind of laughed and said, Oh we will see about that. Stephanie was a trooper and just let us do our thing. And thats exactly what we did.

We had 3.5 hours with this awesome couple and their parents. Our lead photographer put it on auto Pilot and let this elopement play out. This turned out to be one fun wedding to photograph. The wedding was short and sweet and to the point. They exchanged vows, they cut a cake and toasted each other with their parents and best friends watching. It was simply perfect. It reminded us of how weddings probably took place in the late 40’s and 50’s after the wars. Our parents did the same thing. The servicemen were home on leave , they got married and headed back for duty. Thats how it was back then and this wedding had the same vibe and feel to it. It truly was unique and a lot of fun to capture.

After the ceremony, we insisted on taking stephanie and Zack down to little beach by Titlow park for some outdoor portraits. Its truly an Honor to capture weddings for those that serve our great nation in the military, so it was the least we could do to get them out and get a few more shots for their day.

All in all, we were extremely proud of this wedding. We had 3-4 hrs with this couple. We wanted to stay true to what we normally do which is to be able to see a  complete wedding story from start to finish with the pictures that are returned to our clients. We pushed it but we were able to meet our objective and deliver a nice story for our clients.  We met some awesome parents and friends and we delivered 477 images to these families. We just put in on auto pilot and let everyone enjoy the day. We had a blast and  we wish this Military family nothing but the best. Thank You Zack for your service to our country and stephanie you were such a beautiful bride. This was special in so many ways. Thanks for choosing Unique Moments Photography.


Photography by Unique Moments Photography

The Ruston Chapel was the venue


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