Unique Moments Photography from Gig Harbor Washington captured Bernell and Juanita’s awesome wedding at the Thornewood Castle in Lakewood Washington. This one was really special. We met this couple at the Tacoma Bridal show in Tacoma Washington which is produced by Brides club Inc.  www.bridesclub.com

Juanita told us of the plans for a Monday Wedding which was a first for us. And then she said the magic words. Thornewood Castle. Are you kidding me ?. Thornewood Castle is probably one of the most beautiful venues in the state of Washington located close by in  the city of Lakewood at 8601 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA 98498.  Thornewood castle consists of three buildings, including Thornewood Castle, which was built from the brick of a dismantled 15th-century house imported from England. The Castle was used as a set for the Stephen King film Rose Red.[2]

The buildings were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982

The dressing area where the girls get ready is simply stunning and the grounds are full of photo ops. You really cant miss or take a bad shot at this venue.  Photo opportunities are everywhere.

Juanita and Bernell had their first look on the dock overlooking the lake behind the estate. This was followed by pictures with the bridal party on the grounds and a beautiful ceremony inside the front living area on the main building. Juanita was simply beautiful and her father proudly walked her down the isle. Vows were exchanged, rings were exchanged and Bernell, who is native American Indian, place a tribal locket around Juanitas neck to welcome her to his family. A Kiss for luck and these two were ready to party the night away.

We were treated to some awesome home cooked american indian foods. The food was simply amazing. Reception highlights includes speeches and cutting of the cake. After the cake was cut it was off to the main area of the castle for dancing, a garter and bouquet toss and one heck of a party.

This was such a fun wedding to be a part of. We met wonderful loving families and  an awesome bridal party. I think we need to do more Monday weddings. This one was off the charts great. Congratulations Juanita and Bernell. You two did this right.  The love Juanita and Bernell have for each other, great families and wonderful friends resulted in a great wedding and  a perfect day for everyone involved. It was truly an honor to witness and to be part of. Congratulations to both of you.


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