Unique Moments Photography Traveled to Gold Bar Washington to the Wallace Falls Lodge to capture Rachel and Danes awesome wedding. When we heard about this wedding we knew it was one that we wanted to be a part of. We love to hike and be out in the open so we had grand visions of hiking to the falls and capturing bridal portraits and all of that fun fun stuff that happens at weddings. Then reality sets in. The falls are a 5 mile hike from the lodge where rachel was getting ready at. And, we had rain showers in the forecast with wet and foggy hiking trails. While our bride was all excited about the impending rain, the Mother of the bride and her photographer were not so thrilled. Its been 11 yrs and over 450 weddings and we have never been rained out for formals and bridal party portraits. But the rain was steady and there was no way we were going to hike to the falls on this day.

However, mother nature did cooperate and we managed to keep the record in tact.  The rain stopped.

Rachel has two special fathers in her life, and future husband  and 5 very protective and supporting brothers. None of them could see her until she was ready so we did something really cool for this wedding. We did 4 first looks. One with Dane, One with each father, and one with her brothers. Turned out super cool and we captured some wonderful moments for the families. Then it was time for the formal pictures. We just could not believe our luck. Rain was swirling all around the mountain however the lodge was in an area where we just did not get rain. We had a few drops and we could see it pouring on each side of us but No Rain. So we cranked out the formals with all the family and got all the formal pictures done. Not a moment to soon either because as we wrapped up the formal pictures with the families,  it started to Pour.

So we decided to wait out the rain and sure enough, after about an hour, it stopped. The chairs were set up, and it was time to get this wedding in before the next set of clouds rolled in. Sure enough, mother nature cooperated and we got this wedding in with out any rain, As a matter of fact, the clouds parted, and the sun started to pop out and I just looked over at the mother of the bride and smiled and said ” told ya it never rains f0r our weddings”.

The ceremony went off with out a hitch and after a kiss for luck these two love birds were ready to party the night away. Got to say, the Wallace Falls lodge is an awesome venue.Its right at the base of the cascade mountains and its perfect for a family get together to celebrate a wedding. There is sleeping accommodations for family, you can cater in your own food and its perfect for a family weekend get away. We would go back in a heartbeat.

This wedding was perfect in so many ways. Families coming together to celebrate a wedding and to have a wonderful time together. It’s great to see the love and support Rachel and Dane have as they start their lives together and we had a blast getting to know everyone and being a small part of this wedding. Congratulations Rachel and Dane. This one was perfect.


Wallace falls Lodge

Photography by Unique Moments Photography


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