Washington State Fairgrounds wedding Puyallup Wa 98371

Unique Moments photography is always up for something new and different things to capture for weddings. So, when Sarah and Ryan booked us at the brides club wedding show in Tacoma, we jumped at the opportunity to capture their wedding at the Washington state fair grounds. Our groom works at the facility and we had private access for the day to the event center. Our couple and their families used the massive barns and decorated building E it  to make up one heck of a wedding venue. Everything was simply beautiful.
Sarah and Ryan did this wedding old school. So, No first looks and we only  had a first look with our brides father. We highly suggest this with fathers who can be emotional and want the privacy of being alone with their daughters before that long walk down this isle, Always a great idea.
Sarah got ready in one area of the facility and the guys were in another. The big joke of the day was that none of the guys knew how to tie a bow tie. So you tube video were prevalent and when that did not work, it was a quick trip to the tux shop to get a few ties Tied. Who ties ties anymore?  No clip ons. Something to think about for sure.  The ceremony was held behind the barn area and it was decorated nicely. Ryan caught his first glimpse of Sarah as  her father escorted her down the Isle. The ceremony was a beautiful. The couple had a unity candle that almost did not get lit because the wind decided it was time to blow. But they got it done and the ceremony went off with out a misfire.
Our couple made a grand entrance into the reception area and Immediately performed a choreographed 1st dance for their guests. They were masterful and everyone was entertained. Dinner consisted of BBQ Rib Eye steaks with  all the fix-ins. No One went home hungry from this wedding and the food was excellent. Other reception activities included cake cutting, father daughter and mom son dances,  a garter/bouquet toss, and a fireworks exits when it was time to go.
 We were honored to be part of this one. Great supportive families, an awesome bridal party,  and a bride and groom that were 1000% crazy in love with each other. We cant think of a better way to capture a wedding.

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