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Boudoir Information

Gig Harbor Boudoir Photographers

Unique Moments Photography just opened our studio in Gig Harbor at 7116 Stinson Ave, Suite A207. This allows us to bring some new and exciting photography opportunities for our brides and female clients. Phone number is 253-509-3808 and we are located on Stinson Ave, across the street from US Bank and the I-16 and Wollochet off ramp. Cross the intersection as you get off the Freeway and drive 1/2 block and turn left into the studio parking lot.

Boudoir Photography - What is it?

Pronounced bŏo dwăawr, the word comes from 18th century French and is translated as a woman's private bedroom or sitting room.

So guess what? It's been around forever. As a matter of fact, the master painters from the earlier centuries all used Boudoir settings for some of the great art work displayed in museums around the world today.

Who is Boudoir Photography For?

Primarily Woman, any woman, any size and shape can be photographed in an intimate setting to create classy images that are soft, romantic, sexy, and very sensual. Our main focus is to capture  you in the most flattering way by guiding you through the poses that compliment your body type. We'll show you in advance what we think will work and let you do the rest. This is all done with beautiful studio lighting in our new studio in a private setting with only our photographer, though you're welcome to invite someone for support.

Boudoir Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take?

A. Sessions typically run 2.0 hrs.

Q. How much variety will there be in the photos?

A. We have 6 shooting stations at the studio so these are all not going to be bedroom shots. We suggest 3-4 outfit changes and to bring in a very formal dress like you are going out on the town. We want you to be very dressed and then you can dress down to desired looks. We capture images is many stages of dress. However, No frontal nudity is captured and any shots of this nature are implied shots with nothing from the front side showing. We use lighting and posing to create these popular looks.

Q. I'm shy! How can you help?

A. Your photos will be taken by Karen and/or Mike, a husband and wife team with ten years experience each. We are experienced at making any woman feel happy and comfortable in front of the camera. Private bathroom and changing areas are exclusively yours for the duration of your session. We are also partnering with another very experienced boudoir photographer, as well. Remember, no one is present except you so the goal is to capture images for your someone who is special to you and those images are private and will never be shown to the public. Just be yourself and you will be awesome.

Q. Can I bring a friend?

A. Yes, of course! Bringing a best friend for a boost of confidence is a great idea.

Q. Will my photos be displayed on your website?

A. These photos are very private, we will absolutely not share them without your permission.

For Our Brides To Consider

  • This is a great way to surprise your future husband with a unique and personal gift…. There’s something about seeing him open your "little Black book" for the first time and seeing all your special images Just for his eyes only.
  • This is also a tremendous confidence boost for you
  • We 100% feel that nudity is NOT necessary for this type of photography and we won't ask you to do anything you're not comfortable with.

What about Hair and Makeup Services?

We have made arrangements to have Studio Six Salon and Spa to perform hair and makeup services for our clients consideration. The owner, Shawna Shelton is one of the best in the business and the Salon is a great way to start the process for your Little Black Book session.

Studio Six is located off the Olympic off ramp and the I-16 Freeway at 4779 Point Fosdick Dr NW, #200, Gig Harbor, WA 98335. Phone number is 253-432-4219. Once hair and make up is completed you will drive 1 mile up I-16 to the Wollochet off ramp and you are at our studio for your session. Studio Six will charge you approximately $85.00 and you will look fantastic when you are ready to be photographed. The process takes about an hour and Unique Moments studio is less than 5 minutes from Studio Six Salon and Spa. We also have some private hair and make up artists that can come directly to the studio for approximately $95.00-$100.00.

Some of you will want to do your own hair and makeup. This is perfectly acceptable for your photo session. Please arrive with hair and makeup already completed. We will reduce the Session fee by $95.00. We suggest doing hair and make up as you normally would so that you look natural to the person you are presenting images. Any color for the eyes and lips are going to be enhanced in post processing. Doing your own hair and makeup is a good way to save you some money. Either way, professionally applied or if do your own photo prep, you are going to look awesome in the final pictures.

The "Little Black Book" - 18 images are needed

  • Our base boudoir session is $395.00 ind included 10 fully edited images This does not include hair and make up. brides will need 4-5 outfits because we need 18 images for your albums sessions will run 2 hrs
  • After images are captured, we will schedule you back to studio within 1 week to make final selections and to select products to display your images.
  • We have a variety of products for your consideration which include our custom designed "8x8 Little Black Books". We need 14-16 enhanced photos to design the Albums.
  • We also carry framed 8x10 and 11x14 nightstand prints, wall prints and of course regular prints and digital files for your consideration
  • Example price- a fully enhanced 8x10 framed print with digital File is $199.00

So relax, bring a friend, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We promise you, your special guy is going to LOVE the images you create at our studio. Please contact us at 253-509-3808 for a phone consultation. 

“Let Us Tell Your Intimate Story”

Investment to Capture Your Intimate Story

We like to keep it simple and provide you with the experience you desire.

We have partnered with Studio Six Salon and Spa in Gig Harbor.  You can choose to go to their salon prior to your shoot and get your hair and makeup done for $85.00* or you can have an experienced hair and make up artist come to the studio for $100.00*.  You can also do your own hair and makeup.

*Payment made directly to Hair and Makeup Artist.

Products you can add on to your session include:

$625.00 - 8x8 Little Black Book (requires a minimum of 14-16 images.)  Price includes 10 of your favorite image files from those chosen for your book.

$50.00 – Additional image files above the 10 included above.

$150.00 additional to upsize your album to a 10x10.

À la carte Selections

5x7 – $35.00 ea.

8x10 - $195.00 ea. –   includes hi res file, 1 social media logo file and a frame for your print

11x14 - $295.00 ea. – includes hi res file, 1 social media logo file and a frame for your print

16x20 - $325.00 ea. – includes file, print delivered on a board Print

16x24 - $395.00 ea. – includes file, print delivered on a board Print

*All prices subject to change and do not include required sales tax.