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Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington Family, Baby and High School Senior Portraits

Congratulations on taking that big step by having yourself photographed by a professional photographer. Unique Moments Photography has a full service home based studio for these types of photography needs and we also travel to outdoor locations of your choice to capture individual,Family, and High School Senior portraits.

What do you want to say about yourself ?

We feel that saying something about yourself is the single biggest factor anyone should consider when creating a portrait.

Your eyes and your expressions are the windows to your soul. What are you going to say about yourself at this stage of your life? Do you want a happy smiling pretty picture or a more serious portrait expression? How you want to portray yourself should be your primary consideration. There are so many reasons why we capture pictures of ourselves. But making a statement about yourself is what a good portrait photographers should always consider. Seeking a professional to take your picture is the best way to answer that big question of what you want to say and how you're going to tell a story about yourself with a portrait. Remember this; You will be looking at this image forever. So our advice is always make it count when you step in front of the camera.

There are so many life events that people want to photograph at various stages of their life.

Babies and Infants

Examples of this are the arrival of a couples first child. People now photograph the actual birth itself, first baby images by 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year are very common ages for first year baby portraits. What about the pregnancy photo opportunity at 7 Months for the mother? We have talked to many mothers that did not get a pregnancy portrait captured at 7 months and regretted not having that picture captured. Its a very important stage in any woman's life.

Family Portraits

Very important for any family to consider. Should your session be dressed up images at a location that the family enjoys going to or should it be casual at a local park for something like a Christmas card? Every families needs will be different and we always discuss this with the parents so that the right images will be captured. When we went to Hawaii we wanted an image of our family captured at sunset. We had a professional capture the image at a Hawaiian dinner party at the resort we stayed at. Problem solved. Washington offers so many unique locations for families to consider. Anyone can hold up an i-phone and take selfies. We do that as well. But when it comes time for the right family photo, its always best to have a professional capture it for you.

The High School Senior portrait

This is one of those pictures that will follow you around for the rest of your life.We have all seen the crazy year book photos of celebrities when they were in high school. Thankfully, most schools now allow students to discard the traditional yearbook photo in favor of letting students display real portraits in the yearbooks. This gives students a real opportunity to convey who they are and to put some of their personalty into a photo. Most schools will have some guidelines for the types of images allowed in yearbook. Examples would be 1/2 body shots only.But even with some restrictions in place, the images captured today are light years ahead of what was allowed to occur in the past.

What are you going to say about yourself with a High School Senior portrait?

It is an important question that only parents and the student can answer. That is why we always suggest a phone consult so we can discuss ideas that will work best. We always capture a wide variety of looks and provide the student and families with a wide choice of images to make selections for senior portraits.

We want to meet 3 objectives with any student that we photograph.

1- Create an image with expressions that tell the students story

2- Create an image that students and parents will love 10 yrs after it was captured

3- Create well composed clean portraits without a lot of clutter in the image.