Gig Harbor Photographer Yearbook picture
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Gig Harbor Photographer Yearbook picture

Unique moments Photography of Gig Harbor Washington is all about unique images for High School senior portraits. Our son is no exception. He races motocross and loves to be on the track ripping through corners at mach 10. Motocross is one of my favorite sports to capture. Even though its not a school sport, it is still a sport that Students participate in and the athleticism is takes to participate in motocross is as difficult as any professional sport out there. Its a young mans game and professionals are often finished by age 25. The kids are dedicated to the sport and its very much a part of their personalities. A photographer must be very careful on a motocross track. Its an extremely dangerous sport and you must be fully aware of your surroundings. Images are always awesome.

Location: 3703 64th ave ct nw Gig harbor WA 98335.