Gig Harbor Portrait Photographer Point Defiance Park
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Gig Harbor Portrait Photographer Point Defiance Park

Unique Moments Photography's studio is about 15 minutes away from point defiance park. There is an abundance of photo opportunities with tons of locations that have back lighting. Additionally, you have plenty of privacy to get some nice images. This pose is very popular with the High school girls. With a special portrait lens that allows us completely isolate the subject, ND Filters, 2 off camera lights that allow us to compete with the intense backlighting, we are able to deliver images like this at almost every senior session we do. If its raining, no problem we will reschedule. July through October are great times to get the senior portraits done before the rainy season starts. But don't worry, we do this shot in studio all the time, call us to schedule your session and lets have create some great images.

Location: 5400 N Pearl St, Tacoma, WA 98407.