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Thank You for considering Unique Moments Photography to be the wedding photographers for your wedding. We Know that choosing a photographer is not easy so we would like to tell you how we approach weddings and hopefully you will decide that we are a great fit for your needs.

We photograph weddings in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, and Seattle, and the surrounding Washington Communities. We also have done weddings in Oregon.

Where It All Started

We started photographing weddings in 2007 in Minnesota. We started slowly and word of mouth got around. Before we knew it, we had 10 weddings on the books for the 2009 season. After 2009 the number of people that wanted to retain us continued to grow and by 2011 we were averaging 20-25 wedding a season. We are just regular people who raised our families and we knew that hard work was how you get ahead. We felt that price points for Professional Photography services in Minnesota were beyond our financial reach. There was no way we could afford to pay $5,000.00 for a wedding photographer in 2011 if one of our children decided to marry. We Knew that if we could not afford $4000.00-5000.00, then other families were in the same boat.

So we set our price points for what we felt was fair, for what a family that looked like ours could afford, and profitable enough to allow us to remain in business. In 2012 we introduced our $2,995.00 two photographer all day coverage wedding package that also included a custom designed wedding album, and we have been busy since the introduction. We also set a price point that did not include an album as some clients want to make scrapbooks. Many average families like ours, saw the value, and word quickly spread across central Minnesota about our High quality and reasonably priced wedding packages.

We have a corporate background and we know that customer satisfaction is the key for a successful business. So we made an effort to really get to know the couples we photograph and we got to know their families as well. We find out exactly what they are looking for, the style of photography that appeals to them, and most importantly what they expected from the photographer they hire. From that point it was easy. We made sure everything happened the way they wanted it to happen.

A Free Engagement Session

The first thing we are going to to do when you retain us is schedule your engagement session. We provide a free engagement session with our services and we do this for a reason. We want to take our clients out to a location of their choice and show them how we capture photos. We want clients to be comfortable with the photo process. We will go over a variety of poses that we use on the wedding day and we are going to experiment with lighting and body position so we can create the best images possible for you. We have found that couples are more relaxed and comfortable with the image capture process on the wedding days because they already know what to expect and what body positions look best for them from the engagement sessions. The process works well. The last thing we want our clients to worry about is how they are going to look in pictures on the day of the wedding.

Prior to the wedding, we send our clients a 16x24 gallery wrap from the engagement session of their favorite image. We are proud of our images and we want to have our clients display a large print in their homes and we want them to display the images at their wedding receptions. At this point our clients have complete confidence in how we capture images and all of us cant wait for the wedding day to arrive.

The day of the wedding is simple. We have already assisted our clients with the wedding day time lines. We arrive as soon as they start to get ready and we are not going to leave until all the major activities at the reception are captured. Our job is to capture images that tell your story. We are in the dressing rooms with you, we set up your first looks, capture the bridal party and immediate family photos, capture the wedding, create fun images with the bridal party after the ceremony, and then we go to your reception and capture all the activities that you have planned. We want you to be able to go through all your images and see a story that we can display in a custom designed wedding album.

Of course this is just an overview of what we do for weddings. It gets much more detailed depending on what you have planned. But our main goal is always the same. We want our clients completely satisfied with the photography, we want our clients completely satisfied with the quality of service we provide, and we want our clients to proudly recommend our services to their family and friends. We have 5o plus reviews on wedding wire that reflect that these objectives are always met. If this is the type of service that you expect from your wedding photographer, then we would love to speak with you and hear about your wedding plans. It is always an honor for us to be selected to photograph your weddings and to be part of your families for this very important day.

Destination Wedding Photography Services

We love to travel and see new places. So if you are planning a wedding in another state or country, we would love to go. We charge the same rates as we would for our clients in Washington. However, we need air fare for 1 person covered and a motel room for 2 nights. If the venue is relatively close to Washington, then we charge for fuel costs for the trip. An example would be a wedding on the Oregon coast. Fuel to and from, We pick up the rest. Many people like this option because we are there for 2 days with your families. Unlimited coverage on the wedding day. We want to get you out in these locations and take all the time we could possible get to capture in these exciting places.

The last thing every couple needs to remember

After your wedding is over, All the food is gone, all the presents are opened, everyone goes back to living their life in the fast lane. The only thing you will have to remember your wedding day are your wedding photos. You should not trust this responsibility to anyone except a proven professional photographer. We have heard the horror stories with inexperienced photographers. Despite what you may have read on how to save money on the photography budgets, you should not trust anyone unless they have a proven track record.

Ask the following from anyone you are considering to photograph your wedding:

1. Ask to see many wedding sample images in a photographers portfolio

2. Ask to see a complete wedding and the images they gave to the clients

3. repeat step 2 and ask to see another wedding

4. ask for referrals. Look at referrals on their advertisement sites

5. Does the photographer have the right equipment, especially for dark venues

6. Ask to see images taken in dark venues or at night

7. ask to see album samples from previous weddings

Our Portfolio

Images in our portfolio are only from "Real Weddings". The images are presented in the actual lighting they were captured in and from real wedding venues where the weddings occurred. We do not photograph "pretty styled sessions" in a controlled environment and present that as work that is captured at a real wedding. Everything seen on our site are from real brides and grooms from over 250 weddings that we have photographed. We want our clients to know that what they see on our site is what they can expect for their wedding images.

We are here to help even if you decide to not hire Unique Moments Photography. Please call us and set up a phone consult and perhaps we can give you some advice that will make who ever you retain to cover your wedding a better fit for you and your family. We feel everybody deserves to have awesome wedding pictures to remember this most important day of your life.

Thank You for your Consideration

Karen J Willett Owner/photographer for Unique Moments Photography

Michael Willett Lead photographer